Over 30 Years of Ice Cream

We make our 16% premium ice cream in dozens of flavors that change with the seasons. With toppings and options like cones, dishes, fresh waffle cones, speciality sundaes, frappes, floats, and banana splits, there are many ways to enjoy.

100% Pure Maple Products

Years ago, the Rich Family was one of the largest sugarhouses in CT. In 2013 we started tapping trees once more. We’re proud to be able to offer our very own variety of pure CT maple syrups, all locally produced and crafted to sweet mapley perfection.

Local Beef & Pork

On our family farm, animals always receive humane treatment. Our cattle are fed a vegetarian diet with access to pasture and water at all times. To top it off, our animals NEVER receive growth hormones, animal by-products, or steroids.

Talk To Us

We’d love to chat! Please reach out with any questions, custom ice cream cake orders, or pre-orders for beef and pork. Click the button below to view our contact information and open hours.